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Hi there, 

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website! I hope you find the resources useful, I post weekly so be sure to subscribe so you never miss any new content!  My name is Olivia, I am a qualified equine sports massage therapist based in Leicestershire, covering the Midlands region. Having studied for three years at Nottingham Trent University at their Brackenhurst campus in the picturesque village of Southwell, I gained invaluable knowledge of equine sports science and psychology; of which sparked my interest into the musculoskeletal system, training and performance. I graduated in 2015 with an Equine Psychology and Sports Science BSc(Hons) and continued my learning a few years later with 'The College of Animal Physiotherapy' qualifying with Distinction in equine sports massage (note: I am NOT a physiotherapist).


I am a final year student of Equine Podiatry Ltd level 5 Ofqual/Lantra awarded equine podiatry qualification (the only teaching provider in the UK offering a nationally recognised qualification for barefoot trimming).  I have passed all trimming practical and theory exams, and offer my services to Leicestershire/Rutland and parts of Warwickshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Northamptonshire. 

Throughout the years, and by building my experience within the equestrian industry through various job roles and self employment, I became more interested in alternative methods of managing our domesticated horses. I believed there was a better way, and through difficult times with my own horse and seeing how stressed he became on a traditional set up; I strived  to create a business with the purpose of educating horse owners, yards, grooms, trainers and other professionals by  encouraging better management practices that meet the requirements of our beloved horses. 

I am not just talking about the facilities of a yard; sure all the shiny stuff is great from the owners perspective! But what do our horses need? my business is based on the ethos that our domesticated horses need the following to promote wellbeing and health:-

1. Companionship 

2. Freedom 

3. Choice/selection 

4. Movement

5. Enrichment/environment 

6. Diet 

7. Hoof care 

8. Positive reinforcement 

Whilst I am a certified equine sports massage therapist, a part of my job (which I love) is creating content on these 8 ethos points! Even in a traditional set up; there is plenty we as horse owners can be doing to help make our horses lives less stressful, to promote health and overall mental wellbeing. And in return for your efforts a happy horse = a happy owner! As a happier, healthy horse is going to perform exceedingly well - whatever that looks like for you. This could be in non-ridden activities in addition to ridden; a horse in the right environment who is healthy, relaxed and "switched on" is going to be far more trainable and easier to handle than a horse that is shut down, in distress, is unwell and is existing but not thriving! 

Throughout this website you will see topics to help YOU help YOUR horse! Many of which is completely free - so I encourage you to take a read; and to use the information to your advantage. 

I create eBooks, videos/webinars and blog posts on:-

* Equine Anatomy

* Nutrition

* Environment

* Ailments 

* Training/psychology/positive reinforcement

* Massage techniques

* Equine management strategies

* Enrichment


And so much more!

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